Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Website Developer Pleads for Donations to Save His 5-Year Old Nephew's Life

Rainier Posted by Hello

We've all received the scam emails asking us to send money for tsunami orphans and kids dying of cancer. They focus on kids because a story about a child in need really evokes sympathy. So, when website designer Rod Paulino heard that his nephew back in the Philippines urgently needed a $60,000 liver transplant because of a rare congenital disease, he thought he would take a page out of the scammers' playbook, but do it right. Rod created a website at to raise funds for his nephew.

Rod's nephew, 5-year old Rainier Carlos, was born with Biliary Atresia, a rare liver disease. People with this disease cannot make enough platelets, so they bleed profusely. Rainier bleeds from their nose, mouth and ears. In order to prevent little Rainier from bleeding to death, he's had all of his teeth removed and replaced with silver teeth. After fighting this terrible disease for 5 years, he has reached the point where he needs a liver transplant to survive. But unlike those in the U.S. who have Medicare and other forms of insurance, Rainier lives in the Philippines and his family has no health insurance. They've spent everything they have on Rainier's treatments and have nothing left to pay for his life-saving surgery.

Fortunately for Rainier, his uncle Rod is an accomplished website designer in the U.S. When Rod heard the news about Rainier's situation, he sprung into action and built a website to raise money through donations at The website includes articles about Rainier, links to information about Biliary Atresia, pictures of Rainier and his family and a simple way to donate any amount with a credit card. Rod also included his email address and phone number in case you have any questions.

Rainier needs $60,000 to pay for the transplant. So the site has a thermometer that tracks the donations up to the $60,000 goal. It also has a running list of every donor and the amount they donated. And every donor receives a letter thanking them for the specific amount donated, so they can write it off against their taxes. Please visit and donate. And if you feel it in your heart to do so, please tell your friends to do the same. Rainier's life now hangs on your generosity. Thank you.